In 1981, the 'Galaga' attacked Earth. Three months later Earth forced them into retreat. Humans continued terra-forming their solar system. The defense budget was drastically cut to fund terra-forming. The starship 'Centurion' and its fleet were launched three years later to planet M1123. It would be another three years for it to get there. Two years into the journey, all contact was lost with the Centurion. Fighter ships were dispatched to locate survivors, and clear the Galaga infestations from the Solar System. The Humans then blew up M1123 with a super-massive nuclear weapon. The explosion created a black hole at the planetoid's location and sucked inside any ships unable to escape.

This signalled the end of events in Galaga: Destination Earth.

The year is now 2056. The Earth fleet rendezvoused with the fighter ships that survived the explosion's after-effects. The Earth fleet returned from the distant reaches of space they entered, battered and run-down. As the cruisers prepared to dock, interstellar sensors detected an object moving at jaw-dropping velocity. It came into visual range. It looked like a scout ship; it was no bigger than such a craft. It was a Galaga! The space station's array of blasters opened fire on the intruder and quickly destroyed it. The gun operators sighed in relief. It was a close call... or was it? Alarms sounded. The sensors overloaded. Massive surges of energy were detected. Another wave was approaching. The speedy straggler was a beacon. With the Terran fleet rediscovered, the enigmatic aliens launched an invasion of the entire quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. If the last encounter with the Galaga were any indication of the level of destruction that would take place in this upcoming war, the very existence of the humans' system would hang in the balance.

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