Earth Defense Forces

Units & Structures

Note: This list is not comprehensive and changes will be made as the mod develops.

Infantry: Basic infantry unit, versatile and inexpensive.

Heavy Gunner: Heavy weapons specialist, able to take on armored units and light structures.

Jumpjet Trooper: Advanced infantry for interplanetary combat.

Ground Defense Vehicle (GDV) Mk.I: Standard lightly-armored battle tank equipped with a 105mm cannon and an anti-personnel laser rifle.

Ground Defense Vehicle (GDV) Mk.II: Heavily-armored battle tank equipped with a higher-caliber cannon but no anti-personnel weapon.

AA Tank: Specialized anti-aircraft armored vehicle equipped with dual AA blasters, unable to engage ground units.

Automated Combat Unit (ACU): Heavily-armored, high-tech, mobile robotic laser weapon platform, capable of annihilating ground swarms at once.

Fighter: Standard air and space craft of the Earth Defense fleet, the classic design that thwarted previous invasions.

Drone: Smaller-scale unmanned version of the Fighter launched from the Drone Carrier.

Dropship: Personnel and equipment transport.

Naval Destroyer: Standard maritime patrol and combat vessel.

Naval Battleship: Heavy siege vessel for combat against invading sea fleets and coastal installations.

Frigate: Spaceship armed and armored for small engagements.

Cruiser: Spaceship armed for frontline engagements and space station attacks and equipped with shields for defense against all but ion-based weaponry.

Battleship: Heavily armed and armored spaceship capable of taking on space stations and shielded targets from long range.

Drone Carrier: Launches Drone spacecraft to attack targets at a distance.

Capital Ship: Flagship of the Earth Defense Fleet, capital ships carry enormous firepower and strong ion shields. Build limits are enforced for these ships.

Unit & Structure Upgrades

Note: This list is not comprehensive and changes will be made as the mod develops.

Improved Cooling Systems: Doubles power output for the specified power plant.

Automated Mass Assembly: Lowers production time by 30% for all tanks, aircraft, ships, or spacecraft.

Upgraded Power Transmission: Increases power output by 15% for all power plant types.

Advanced Ion Shield Installation: All units using Ion Shields receive an armor bonus of 30%.

Advanced Ablative Armor Plating: All land vehicles receive a 20% anti-artillery protection bonus.

Advanced Autoloaders: Artillery receive a rate-of-fire boost of 25%.

Nuclear Combat Systems: Tech Center-level vehicles gain radiation immunity, G.D.V. Mk.II and Artillery cannon shells gain slight radiation effect.

Miniaturized Tactical Nuclear Warheads: Units using missile weapons gain light radiation effect and increase in attack power by 20%.

Railgun Systems Retrofit: Replaces Destroyer's deck gun with a deck-mounted railgun.

Agility Systems Retrofit: Naval ship speed and turn rate receive a 25% increase.

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