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Site Rework and Galaga Alpha Progress - 6/22/2014 by Yurisarmy

As you may notice, things are a little bit different. Three years in the making, thanks to college and life in general, I've reworked the entire site and added some new things. The units/structures list for all the mods are currently a work in progress, but everything is functioning as intended under Chrome. The site still bugs out under Internet Explorer and Firefox, but I'm researching a way to fix that without breaking things. Until then, keep using Chrome or a similar browser.

Galaga is getting an upgrade, or more accurately, an upgrade system, courtesy of functionality provided by the Ares DLL extension! Players will be able to research in tech fields such as infantry, industry, or nuclear weapons, to enhance their arsenal. Currently the Earthlings will have about 17 new researchable techs, while the Galaga will have some, but not as many. Exact details will be given later as this is developed.

Galaga is proceeding fast towards a stable private Alpha, and if all goes well, a public Alpha may not be far behind! Below are some new and reworked Earth units.

Earth Ore Miner

G.D.V. Mk II (retexture)

AA Tank (retexture)

A.C.U. (retexture)

Dropship (new design)

July Updates - 7/2/2011 by Yurisarmy

Taking a break from Galaga updates to bring Battlezone and Cold War updates.

Battlezone is at version 0.61 Private Alpha. The naval forces are balanced, with the exception of the Sub. Classic Mode is now functional and features 5 new maps.

Cold War has received my much-needed attention, and now features new graphical additions and a few new units for the 1950s and '60s eras.

F-100 Super Sabre

Canadian CF-105 Arrow

F-106 Delta Dart

Here are the new veterancy icons for the NATO and Soviet armies. They differ between air, ground and sea forces.

Check out these test screenshots to see the units in action. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Galaga Structures - 1/10/2011 by Yurisarmy

I am unable to release Battlezone 0.60 Beta at this time due to multiplayer bugs and work shift changes. However, I have made considerable updates to Galaga. For example, the Space Dock, in this screenshot mockup, is nearing completion. I have also made three new ground-based structures.

Galaga space screenshot mockup

Space dock and various Earth side units

Earth side Tech Center model

Civilian structure model

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